Book Chapters

"Variations Among Blogs: A Multi-dimensional Analysis", Jack Grieve, Douglas Biber, Eric Friginal, and Tatiana Nekrasova

"Cognitive Complexity of the Top Management Team: The Impact of Team Differentiation and Integration Processes on Firm Performance", Susan M. Houghton, Alice C. Barr, and Pamela S. Barr

"Work and Learning: From Schools to Workplaces", Richard D. Lakes

"The Motherboard Stories", Tisha Y. Lewis

"From Chengfen to Shenjia: Branding and Promotional Culture in China", Hongmei Li

"Diversity in Families: Parental Socialization and Children’s Development and Learning", Lynn Okagaki and Gary E. Bingham

"Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Hypertension and Diabetes Ascribed to Differences in Obesity Rate", Ike S. Okosun and John M. Boltri

"Empire, Loyalty, and Race: Militiamen of Color in Nineteenth-century Cuba", Michele Reid-Vazquez

"Integrating Strategies for Bullying, Sexual Harassment and Dating Violence Prevention: The Expect Respect Elementary School Project", Barri Rosenbluth, Daniel J. Whitaker, Linda Anne Valle, and Barbara Ball

"Caught Between Enlightenment and Romanticism: On the Complex Relation of Religious, Ethnic and Civic Identity in a Modern ‘Museum Culture’", Louis A. Ruprecht Jr.

"Integrating Current Media Sources to Improve Student Interest in the Credit Information Literacy Course", Sarah Steiner and Leslie Madden

"Deconstructing Discourses in a Mathematics Education Course: Teachers Reflecting Differently", David W. Stinson and Ginny Powell

“Outcome Assessment and Program Evaluation”, John Clayton Thomas

"When Should the Public Be Involved in Public Management? Design Principles with Case Applications", John Clayton Thomas

A Human Rights Approach to Preventing Child Sex Trafficking, Jonathan Todres


Social Cognition and Cognitive Flexibility in Bipolar Disorder, Erin Tone

"HIV Protease: Role in Viral Replication, Protein-Ligand X-ray Crystal Structures and Inhibitor Design", Irene T. Weber and Yuan-Fang Wang

"Keeping Ideas and Language at Play: Teaching Drawing Writing, and Aesthetics in a Secondary Literacy Class", Michelle Zoss

"Seeing, Writing, and Drawing the Intangible: Teaching with Multiple Literacies", Michelle Zoss, Richard Siegesmund, and Sherelle Jones Patisaul

Book Reviews


The Nuts and Bolts: A Review of Culturally Specific Pedagogy in the Mathematics Classroom: Strategies for Teachers and Students, Shonda Lemons-Smith



How Is It That One Particular Statement Appeared Rather Than Another?: Opening a Different Space for Different Statements About Urban Mathematics Education, David W. Stinson


The Sixth International Mathematics Education and Society Conference: Finding Freedom in a Mathematics Education Ghetto, David W. Stinson



A Qualitative Optimization Technique for Biophysical Neuron Models with Many Parameters, Robert Clewley and Mirza Dobric

Responses or Comments


In Reply, Monica H. Swahn, Meltem Alemdar, and Daniel J. Whitaker



Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE), Yun Zhang