Date of Award

Spring 5-11-2013

Degree Type

Closed Thesis

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


African-American Studies

First Advisor

Dr. Jonathan Gayles

Second Advisor

Dr. Sarita Davis

Third Advisor

Dr. Makungu Akinyela


The goal of this study was to understand black women’s perspectives on stay-at-home mothering and examine the ways in which Mocha Moms, Inc. provides support. Twelve African American mothers from three chapters of Mocha Moms, Inc. were interviewed and data were analyzed and coded for themes. Findings indicate that participants did not aspire to stay home with their children. Additionally, participants reject stereotypical ideas of at-home mothering. They also see themselves as the primary educators of their children. Finally, they do not feel respected in the black community or in society.