Date of Award


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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


Art and Design

First Advisor

Richard Mafong


Every artist should be a craftsman. Every craftsman should be an artist. For some reason, a line has been drawn. The invisible line between art and craft is a dangerous and unnecessary barrier. It is detrimental to the art field as a whole. It separates all visual artists, when there shouldn't be a separation. It encourages artists, some with great vision, to become lax in the use of their tools. It encourages adept craftsmen to compromise creativity for the sake of function. It has lessened the credibility of and respect for artists in the eyes of a public that used to admire and revere this field. Thoughts and questions that I've had in the past few years have culminated into this thesis. I will show my personal perceptions and conclusions of what my art should be, according to what I've learned. And I will also explain my efforts to reach back in time and recapture an era when art and craft were one.


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