Andrew Young School faculty are top-notch, both prolific researchers and excellent professors and mentors. They hail from 12 countries and diverse professional backgrounds, and offer valuable specialties in economics, public and nonprofit administration, and urban studies. Faculty and research associates work in tandem with our seven centers to provide technical assistance to more than 35 countries, as well as further our knowledge of domestic issues in health, transportation, and public finance, for example.


Publications from 2023


Association between Racial Residential Segregation and COVID-19 Mortality, Suresh Nath Neupane and Erin Ruel

Publications from 2004


Identification of Key Predictors of Rapid Change Adaptation in a Service Organization: An Exploratory Study that Also Examines the Link Between Rapid Change Adaptation and Organizational Capability, Carol D. Hansen and Constantine Kontoghiorghes

Publications from 1997


Executive Managers: Cultural Expectations through Stories about Work, Carol D. Hasen and William M. Kahnweiler

Publications from 1995


Occupational Cultures: Whose Frame Are We Using?, Carol D. Hansen