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Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is one of the most important causes for viral lower respiratory tract disease in humans. There is no licensed RSV vaccine. Here, we generated recombinant influenza viruses (PR8/RSV. HA-G) carrying the chimeric constructs of hemagglutinin (HA) and central conserved-domains of the RSV G protein. PR8/RSV.HA-G virus showed lower pathogenicity without compromising immunogenicity in mice. Single intranasal inoculation of mice with PR8/RSV.HA-G induced IgG2a isotype dominant antibodies and RSV neutralizing activity. Mice with single intranasal inoculation of PR8/RSV.HA-G were protected against RSV infection as evidenced by significant reduction of lung viral loads to a detection limit upon RSV challenge. PR8/RSV.HA-G inoculation of mice did not induce pulmonary eosinophilia and inflammation upon RSV infection. These findings support a concept that recombinant influenza viruses carrying the RSV G conserved-domain can be developed as a promising RSV vaccine candidate without pulmonary disease.


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Virology, 476 217-25. doi:

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