Date of Award


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Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Aaron Roseberry

Second Advisor

Marise Parent

Third Advisor

Kyle Frantz


Limited research exists on how amphetamine and nicotine, drugs with potent influences on feeding behaviors, impact the rewarding and pleasurable aspects of feeding. As the rewarding aspects of feeding are thought to be significant drivers of the ongoing obesity epidemic, we sought to test 1-whether amphetamine or nicotine affect the rewarding aspects of food, and 2- whether there were sex differences in these effects. In these studies, we tested whether amphetamine or nicotine altered sucrose self-administration using an FR3 schedule. Amphetamine elicited a dose dependent decrease in responding for sucrose, whereas nicotine also decreased responding, but only with the highest dose tested. Furthermore, males and females showed similar responses to both drugs. These results suggest that the mechanisms regulating the addictive qualities and appetite-suppressing effects of these drugs may be distinct, indicating potential targets for future obesity therapeutics.


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