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Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Dr. Susanna Greer - Chair

Second Advisor

Dr. Elizabeth Unger

Third Advisor

Dr. Yuan Liu


Measuring HPV exposure relies on detection of HPV type-specific antibodies, but methods are not standardized. Additionally, there is little information on the best sample type for HPV antibody detection. This study validated pseudovirion neutralization (PVN) assay for HPV antibody detection and compared it to IgG ELISA. Both assays were applied to paired serum and cervical mucus samples. Additionally, PVN assay was utilized to evaluate the feasibility of oral mucosal transudate (OMT) samples to monitor the HPV immune response. Serum was more likely to be positive on PVN assay than on IgG ELISA (p= 0.025). Both assays correlated with HPV-16 DNA status. HPV-18 PVN assay results correlated with HPV-18 DNA status. Few cervical mucus samples had detectable antibodies; no correlation with HPV DNA status was seen. OMT results were unsatisfactory. PVN assay was more sensitive than IgG ELISA; serum was a more reliable indicator of HPV-16/18 antibody status than cervical mucus.


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Biology Commons