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Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)



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Dr. Denish Shah

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Dr. Likoebe Maruping

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Dr. Lane Peterson


Medical research in the United States has drastically improved over the past forty years with the implementation of policies and procedures through government regulation and significant technological advancements. Despite these measures, there are still low participation rates among minority groups, especially Black women, who have proven to suffer the most drastic effects from underrepresentation in medical research. Despite their willingness to participate in medical research, a leading barrier to participation is the need for more knowledge and awareness about how to engage in medical research.

This research is a field experiment conducted at a Black Women’s Health Symposium in urban Atlanta to explore the research question, "Does awareness improve Black Women’s intent to engage in medical research?” During the symposium, a workshop focusing on the importance of participating in medical research was conducted to increase the knowledge and awareness of Black women. The intent is to encourage engagement and reduce health disparities to improve health equity for Black women.


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