Date of Award

Spring 5-3-2017

Degree Type


Degree Name

Executive Doctorate in Business (EDB)


Managerial Sciences

First Advisor

Dr. Balasubramaniam Ramesh

Second Advisor

Dr. Wesley Johnston

Third Advisor

Dr. Todd Maurer


The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between perceived CSR and employee turnover intentions among workers, and to examine relationships between specific dimensions of perceived CSR and turnover intentions. It was also the purpose of this study to examine the mediating effects of person-organization fit and the moderating effects of employee generation on perceived CSR-turnover intentions relationships. Both descriptive statistics and inferential statistics were used in this study. Descriptive statistics helped to understand the demographic information and the characteristics of the study variables. Based on the inferential statistics, when controlling for the gender and organizational characteristics, CSR related to shareholders (beta=.23, p=.002) and environment (beta=.45, p<.001) both contribute to the turnover intentions. Mediation analysis evaluating the potential mediating effect of the person-organization fit showed partial significance; the moderation analysis evaluating the potential mediating effects of employee generation showed significance (t577=-2.43, p<.001). Further research should examine the biases of the data and ensure the elimination of any bias. Examining the constructs using a different type of culture (country) would also make a difference in terms of the outcome for certain analyses.