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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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Peng George Wang


The biological roles of carbohydrates are particularly important in the assembly of complex multicellular organs and organisms, which requires interactions between cells and the surrounding matrix. All cells and numerous macromolecules in nature carry an array of covalently attached sugars (monosaccharides) or sugar chains (oligosaccharides), which are generically referred to as “glycans”.

In chapter two of my dissertation, I will introduce a new approach of synthesizing sugar nucleotides, which is the fundamental donor for oligosaccharide synthesis. By learning and adapting from the industrial production, I propose to use the fermenter as an automation system for enzyme production and sugar nucleotide synthesis valve. In doing so, greatly increase the production level of nucleotide sugar donor.

In chapter three, I will introduce the synthesis of Lewis-X containing sugar Lacto-N-Fucopentaose III through multiple methods. LNFP III has shown great potential in the treatment of metabolic diseases. With the collaboration of another group, we tested multiple conjugated LNFP III for testing on mice.

In chapter four, I will introduce Globo H. It is a hexasaccharide consisting of six monosaccharide. By using both the one pot multienzyme method and Leloir process, Globo H can be synthesized enzymatically without the tedious protection and purification process of chemical method.

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