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The recently approved angiotensin II receptor blocker, azilsartan medoxomil (AZL), was determined spectrophotometrically and spectrofluorimetrically in its combination with chlorthalidone (CLT) in their combined dosage form. The UV-spectrophotometric technique depends on simultaneous measurement of the first derivative spectra for AZL and CLT at 286 and 257 nm, respectively, in methanol. The spectrofluorimetric technique depends on measurement of the fourth derivative of the synchronous spectra intensities of AZL in presence of CLT at 298 nm in methanol. The effects of different solvents on spectrophotometric and spectrofluorimetric responses were studied. For, the spectrofluorimetric study, the effect of pH and micelle-assisted fluorescence enhancement were also studied. Linearity, accuracy, and precision were found to be satisfactory over the concentration ranges of 8–50 μg mL-1 and 2–20 μg mL-1 for AZL and CLT, respectively, in the spectrophotometric method as well as 0.01–0.08 μg mL-1 for AZL in the spectrofluorimetric method. The methods were successfully applied for the determination of the studied drugs in their co-formulated tablets. The developed methods are inexpensive and simple for the quality control and routine analysis of the cited drugs in bulk and in pharmaceuticals.


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Analytical Chemistry Insights 2014:9 33–40.

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