Date of Award


Degree Type

Closed Dissertation

Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Computer Information Systems

First Advisor

Dr. Vijay Vaishnavi - Chair


Abstract A PROCESS TO REUSE EXPERIENCES VIA NARRATIVES AMONG SOFTWARE PROJECT MANAGERS By STACIE CLARK PETTER APRIL, 2006 Committee Chair: Dr. Vijay Vaishnavi Major Department: Computer Information Systems Software project management is a complex process requiring extensive planning, effective decision-making, and proper monitoring throughout the course of a project. Unfortunately, software project managers rarely capture and reuse the knowledge gained during a project on subsequent projects. To enable the repetition of prior successes and avoidance of previous mistakes, I propose that software project managers can improve their management abilities by reusing their own and others’ past experiences with written narratives. I use multiple methodologies – including literature review, grounded theory, design science research, and experimentation – to create a process for software project managers to reuse knowledge gained through experiences on software projects. In the literature review, I examine relevant research areas to inspire ideas on how to reuse knowledge via written narratives in software project management. Interviews with software project managers, analyzed using grounded theory, provide insight into the current challenges of reusing knowledge during a project. I leverage design science research methodology to develop a process of experience reuse that incorporates narratives and wikis to enable software project managers to share their experiences using written narratives. Experimentation evaluates whether the process developed using the design science research methodology improves the current knowledge reuse practices of software project managers.