Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Computer Information Systems

First Advisor

Dr. Upkar Varshney

Second Advisor

Dr. Aaron Baird

Third Advisor

Dr. Gregory Gimpel

Fourth Advisor

Dr. Jeong-ha (Cath) Oh

Fifth Advisor

Dr. Karen Minyard


This manuscript documents the creation and evaluation of a taxonomy for mobile health (m-health) evaluation and a method for m-health evaluation. M-health as a field within IS has seen significant amounts of growth in recent years due to improvements in technology leading to more affordable and portable computing power. The application of these technologies to the healthcare domain has created many new opportunities and benefits for patients and providers alike. This research seeks to study how these m-health projects are being evaluated and to determine what the characteristics of these evaluations are.

To accomplish this goal, the research process is conducted as design science and the research outputs of taxonomy and method are presented as design science artifacts. The two artifacts are evaluated during their creation and once more afterwards to determine their utility. The taxonomy is created by collecting and analyzing documentation on m-health evaluation and using that information to generate descriptive categories by following a series of guidelines for creating a classification system. After evaluation of the artifact, a method is created for conducting m-health evaluation. This method is a series of guidelines built upon constructs and relationships derived from the taxonomy.

Evaluation of the artifacts consists of expert surveys, cluster analysis, and attribute analysis. After evaluation of both artifacts, a descriptive theory explaining the selection of m-health evaluation types is created and presented. Theory development is based on the idea of kernel theories and their transferability to the information systems (IS) and design science domains. Contributions of this research are as follows: a classification system for m-health evaluation, a series of guidelines for individuals working on evaluations in the field of m-health, and a descriptive theory on the selection of evaluation type in an m-health context.