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Prior research has generally found a significant, positive impact of employees' job motivation on job performance, and which in turn, leads to more satisfied customers. However, little attention is directed towards how implementation of centralized information systems (IS), such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, will affect these relationships in the business to business (B2B) context. Toward this end, we plan to conduct a field study to empirically compare the effects of these relationships before and after the implementation of an ERP system. This cross-disciplinary study will contribute to the extant organization, marketing, and IS literature by examining how a centralized IS implementation moderates the relationships among employees’ job motivation, performance, and corporate customer satisfaction, and testing the proposed framework in the B2B context.


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Yang, Junyi; Zhao, Anjing; Hsieh, J. J. Po-An; and Chan Wa, Kimmy, "The Dynamic Impacts of Employee Job Motivation on Employee Job Performance and Corporate Customer Satisfaction: The Contingent Role of ERP System Implementation" (2013). Digit 2013 Proceedings. Paper 11.