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Complex information technologies (CITs), such as ERP packages, have become the core component of modern organizations. Corporate investments in CITs have soared to a record high. Firms need to creatively apply the technologies in order to adapt to the ever-changing environments and realize the full potential of the technologies. We approach this issue from the perspective of ‘Innovate with IT’, a post-acceptance usage behavior that describes innovative use of information technologies to support individual task performances. Drawing upon the IS Continuance (ISC) model, as well as the managerial and individual factors that facilitate higher level IT use, a model is theoretically developed to understand employees’ novel use of CITs. A field study was conducted in a large manufacturing firm using ERP packages to empirically validate the model. The results suggest that the ISC model, personal propensity toward IT innovations, and management support jointly nurture employees’ creative use of complex technologies.


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Wang, W., J. E. Butler, J. P.-A. Hsieh and S.-H. Hsu (2008). "Innovate with Complex Information Technologies: A Theoretical Model and Empirical Examination." Journal of Computer Information Systems 49(1): 27-36.