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Master of Arts (MA)



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Arla Bernstein - Chair

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Merrill Morris

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Jaye Atkinson


Audits of organizational communication have been viewed as an efficient means for collecting data and diagnosing common communication problems (Meyer, 2002), and evaluating employee communication satisfaction has proven to be a vital component of the auditor’s overall goal of assessing communication effectiveness. While communication audits have been used for the past 50 years by practitioners and scholars alike to evaluate the effectiveness of both external and internal communications, this particular analysis will explore the internal communications of a business-to-business sales division within a major U.S. credit reporting agency. Using Goldhaber’s (2002) method for administering Web-based communication surveys and a combination of Downs & Hazen’s (1977) Communication Satisfaction Questionnaire and Gayeski’s (2000) Information Systems Analysis, this study will assess how the salesperson’s satisfaction of the company’s electronic sales communications relates to perceived productivity.


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