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Master of Arts (MA)



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Dr. Leonard Teel - Chair

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Gregory Gullette

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Hongmei Li

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Jeffrey Bennett


This study analyzes the relationship between Plaza Fiesta, a Latino shopping center located in Atlanta, Georgia, and concepts of Latino identity and community formation among immigrants in a U.S. city. It is focused specifically on the complexities of identification for Latin American immigrants, who relate in various ways to Plaza Fiesta. One chapter explores the relationships between product consumption, marketing, spaces, and memory in the production of hybrid identity formations. Another chapter considers the relationship between pan-ethnic Latino identity construction and notions of belonging and not belonging for these Latin American immigrants. The final chapter adds to knowledge about identity by analyzing the complexities and contradictions based on interviews, questionnaires, and observations at Plaza Fiesta. Moreover, this paper examines the importance these topics have with immigration issues and U.S. society. Overall, this paper suggests that Plaza Fiesta plays a role in establishing a sense of Latino community in Atlanta.


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