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Closed Thesis

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Master of Arts (MA)



First Advisor

David Cheshier - Committee Chair

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Carol Winkler - Committee Member

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Jennifer Jiles - Committee Member


Potential employees use organization career webpages as a first source of information about potential jobs. A content analysis of the career webpages of twenty organizations that recruit from male-dominant occupations and twenty organizations that recruit for female-dominant occupations were examined for gender-specific textual markers and for textual markers for the characteristics of job expectations of comfort, reward and responsibility. Specific focus was made on college recruitment pages for employment into first post-college jobs. This study found that there is an underlying gender issue on organization’s college recruiting online presence. Organizations that have a recruitment strategy to hire women are challenged to appropriately appeal to women in their online recruitment messaging frameworks. Additionally, the rhetoric of job expectations is elusive and so is inadequate to foster the development of accurate expectations for a first post-college job.