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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Computer Science

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Xi He


In this dissertation, we discuss a text visualization system, a tree drawing algorithm, a spatial-temporal data visualization paradigm and a tennis match visualization system. Corpus and corpus tools have become an important part of language teaching and learning. And yet text visualization is rarely used in this area. We present Text X-Ray, a Web tool for corpus-based language teaching and learning and the interactive text visualizations in Text X-Ray allow users to quickly examine a corpus or corpora at different levels of details: articles, paragraphs, sentences, and words. Level-based tree drawing is a common algorithm that produces intuitive and clear presentations of hierarchically structured information. However, new applications often introduces new aesthetic requirements that call for new tree drawing methods. We present an indented level-based tree drawing algorithm for visualizing parse trees of English language. This algorithm displays a tree with an aspect ratio that fits the aspect ratio of the newer computer displays, while presenting the words in a way that is easy to read. We discuss the design of the algorithm and its application in text visualization for linguistic analysis and language learning. A story is a chain of events. Each event has multiple dimensions, including time, location, characters, actions, and context. Storyline visualizations attempt to visually present the many dimensions of a story’s events and their relationships. Integrating the temporal and spatial dimension in a single visualization view is often desirable but highly challenging. One of the main reasons is that spatial data is inherently 2D while temporal data is inherently 1D. We present a storyline visualization technique that integrate both time and location information in a single view. Sports data visualization can be a useful tool for analyzing or presenting sports data. We present a new technique for visualizing tennis match data. It is designed as a supplement to online live streaming or live blogging of tennis matches and can retrieve data directly from a tennis match live blogging web site and display 2D interactive view of match statistics. Therefore, it can be easily integrated with the current live blogging platforms used by many news organizations. The visualization addresses the limitations of the current live coverage of tennis matches by providing a quick overview and also a great amount of details on demand.