Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Computer Science

First Advisor

Dr Sushil K. Prasad - Chair

Second Advisor

Dr Anu Bourgeois

Third Advisor

Dr Alex Zelikovsky


Tying web services together to build large, distributed, collaborative applications has gathered noticeable momentum and a lot of research is being put in it. Along with composition of the web services, coordination is one key aspect that has been considered keenly. Many frameworks, languages and protocols have been proposed for web service composition and coordination. With the advancement in wireless technology and rapid deployment of mobile services, collaborative application development for small devices using such composed web services finds a new research area. Much less work has been done in the area of web service coordination for mobile environment. In this thesis, we propose a new distributed approach in service composition and coordination and show that our approach works well in an environment containing mobile heterogeneous devices. We discuss a novel approach of SyD (System on Devices)wrapper framework for dynamically creating and executing web bonds among various heterogeneous web services. The wrapper is a lightweight SyD application object that encapsulates composition and coordination logic and provides higher level of coordination among bonded entities. The wrapper framework gives small devices full capability to run distributed collaborative applications that use heterogeneous web services. We have also developed and analyzed experiments to showcase the performance of SyD Wrapper Framework.