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Master of Science (MS)


Computer Science

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Dr. Murray Patterson

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Dr. Alex Zelikovsky

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Dr. Pavel Skums


The biochemical mechanism driving cancer metastasis and primary cancer invasion of new sites are still unclear as the process can be complex. The mutations in somatic cells often include mutation drivers and some passenger mutations. In this study, we have analyzed RNA-Seq datasets from primary breast cancer and metastatic lung cancer for differentially expressed gene lists to gain insight into transcriptomic profiles of the two conditions. The gene lists are analyzed for pathway and functional enrichment annotations. It is interesting to note that the top enriched pathways are major ones involving some connected cancer-related signaling processes. The enriched gene sets from this analysis includes ones connected to cancer proliferation, progression, and metastatic invasions. The pathways and genes show some overlapping networks and connections that may be key to finding potential mutation driver genes.


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