Jaimini Joshi

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Computer Science

First Advisor

Dr. Sushil K. Prasad - Chair

Second Advisor

Dr. Alex Zelikovsky

Third Advisor

Dr. Raj Sunderraman


Web services technology has lately stirred tremendous interest in industry as well as the academia. Web services are self-contained, platform independent functionality which is available over the internet. Web services are defined, discovered & accessed using a standard protocols like WSDL, UDDI & SOAP. With the advent of Service-Oriented Architecture and need for more complex application, it became eminent to have a way in which these independent entities could collaborate in a coherent manner to provide a high level functionality. But the problem of service composition is not an easy one. One reason being the self-contained and loosely coupled interaction style, which happens to be the single most important reason for its popularity. We are proposing a prototype system for distributed coordination of web services. This system is based on the Web Bonds model for coordination. The system, dubbed BondFlow system, allows configuration and execution of workflows configured over web services. Presently BondFlow system allows both centralized as well as distributed coordination of workflows over handhelds, which we claim as an engineering feet and is currently a unique work in this area.