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The primary purpose of this paper is to describe and evaluate certain aspects of federal-state relations in the delivery of health, education, and welfare services. Specifically, the concern in this case study is with the extent to which the general goals of the federal Department of Health, Education, and Welfare (DHEW) conform to planned state goals in the areas of human resources and public services and with the extent to which the elements of DHEW program structure (e.g., application, eligibility, funding restrictions) are responsive to the needs of the state. The second purpose is to make recommendations suggesting how DHEW programs might be amended so as to be more responsive to state needs.


Published in Bahl. Roy W. "Intergovernmental Relations in the Delivery of Human Services: The West Virginia Case, " Services to People: State and National Strategies, ed. by Selma J. Mushkin. Public Services Laboratory, Georgetown University, 1973.

The research for this study was done as part of a state-urban study team project on the role of DHEW in urban human services problem areas, contract no. HEW-OS-71-171.

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