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Master of Arts (MA)



First Advisor

Michael Harker

Second Advisor

Lynée Gaillet

Third Advisor

George Pullman


This thesis examines the existing scholarship in Irish rhetoric and the narrative that has been built thus far. Current knowledge of Irish rhetoric examines minute periods in the literature and communication rather than a coherent overview of its rhetorical development. This thesis identifies and analyzes three periods of rhetorical significance using the stipulative characterization of Irish rhetoric being narrative based relying on recursive elements from Irish history. It then posits a new perspective and language to typify Irish rhetoric using the metaphor of a Celtic braid. Through the composition of a braid, I classify three strands of rhetoric and trace them through the identified rhetorical periods to demonstrate the continuous nature of Irish rhetoric. Furthermore, I propose research questions for other scholars to use as entry points into the conversation. These questions also propose strategies for teaching the Irish rhetorical braid in classrooms.

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