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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)



First Advisor

Professor Josh Russell

Second Advisor

Dr. Beth Gylys

Third Advisor

Dr. John Holman


Girl meets boy. They fall in love. That is often the end of stories—but not Martine’s. Martine Guillory, a young woman in Louisiana, begins the first semester of her freshmen year in college hoping for love. Though she successfully pulls off a convoluted plan to date the boy of her dreams, her happily-ever-after is threatened by friendships falling apart, family drama, and her first year of college. As she tries to like PDA, she discovers that not all friendships need to be lifelong to be important. Despite years of secret-sharing, her best friends start to exclude her for a reason she can’t identify, and she begins to wonder if her own mother prefers her siblings over her. Set in a small town in an even smaller college, a young Black girl sets out to keep Prince Charming—and her sanity—in this rom-com meets social scream meets coming-of-age novel.


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Available for download on Sunday, April 26, 2099