Date of Award


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Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Lawrence Kiage

Second Advisor

Brian Meyer

Third Advisor

Luke Pangle


Wormsloe Historic Site is located on the Isle of Hope about 16.1 km south of Savannah, GA. Understanding palynological history is critical to assessing geological and biological changes that have occurred in the region. A randomly selected sediment core was taken from the center a smaller shallow depression believed to be a former flowing freshwater wetland. The core was analyzed to identify changes in paleohydrogeology and paleobiology of the area to determine if a freshwater wetland existed at the site that might have supplied potable water to Native Americans and Colonial Settlers. Pollen assemblages documented in the Wormsloe sediment core contained Pinus, Carya, Quercus, Poaceae, and Cupressaceae, and many trace counts of freshwater taxa, which may suggest the presence of a former freshwater wetland existing near the site. Palynological results are consistent with other studies indicating that southeastern floral elements are stable throughout the Holocene in coastal Georgia.


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