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Master of Science (MS)



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Luke Pangle


Water budgets are useful frameworks for urban planning, water management, and water conservation efforts—particularly as urban populations continue to grow. This research quantifies and compares magnitudes and temporal dynamics of precipitation, inter-basin transfers (IBTs), and leakage of potable water as inflows within the South River Watershed (SRW), an urbanized watershed located near Atlanta, GA USA. Monthly and annual precipitation totals derived from local gauge networks and from the PRISM model showed good agreement, with a long-term spatial average of 1407 mm for the watershed. Annually, precipitation was the dominant inflow into the watershed at 88%, the net IBT of potable water was 165 mm, or 10% of inflows, while leakage was 30 mm or 2%. Dividing leakage volume by whole-watershed area belies the reality that those inflows are very localized. Over land areas where the leakage can conceivably occur, it may represent 48-96% of total inflow.

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