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Master of Arts (MA)


Gerontology Institute

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Jennifer Craft Morgan

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Elisabeth O. Burgess

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Wendy S. Simonds



Increasing numbers of people are living with dementia in every part of the globe. Curative options are unavailable through traditional medical model; alternative therapeutic approaches are required urgently. Using a grounded theory methodology, this study seeks to build an understanding of the barriers and facilitators to person-centered care (PCC) approaches and the integration of complementary and alternative approaches for people living with dementia (PLWD) and residing in nursing homes throughout the state of Georgia. This study will generate implications for implementing PCC and culture change, its barriers, facilitators and how PCC can improve the daily lives of persons living with dementia in an institutional setting. This study will describe different engagement activities and alternative therapies which promote relaxation and improve quality of life of those individuals. This knowledge of the landscape of activities will help us identify and improve strategies for supporting PLWD at a deeper, more meaningful level.


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