Students may present their work in one of three formats:

  1. Poster Presentation
  2. Oral Presentation
  3. Artistic or Creative Presentation, including Performances (Musical, Theatrical, and Dance)

Regardless of format, proposals for these three formats reflect the efforts of a single individual or a collaboration of up to 6 people. The efforts of all who collaborated in a significant manner on the work to be presented must be listed as authors/artists.

All presentations must have a Georgia State University undergraduate student as the primary author and a Georgia State University faculty member as a sponsor. Faculty members should not be listed as authors. Students may submit only one project as a first author/artist. Work presented at a previous GSURC cannot be presented for GSURC 2014.


Poster presentations are concise descriptions of a scientific study or other project. Components of posters include an introduction to the work, a research question, hypothesis, or statement of problem to be solved; a description of the method used; the results or finished product; and a discussion of the importance of the work to the field and/or society or a conclusion.

At the conference poster session, the author/artist(s) stand beside the poster and answer questions from conference participants. Often, authors/artists have a copy of the poster duplicated on 8.5 x 11 in. sheet of paper as a handout. GSURC will provide the poster boards for displaying posters. The title of the poster, the name of the faculty sponsor, and author's department/school must be at the top of the poster. Posters may not exceed 44" width and 34" height. For tips on creating effective poster presentations, we recommend the following site prepared by George Hess, Kathryn Tosney, and Leon Liegel (2006):


Oral presentations are delivered orally and are based on a fully developed paper. Oral presentations are not read from a paper but provide a thorough synopsis of the paper. Some oral presentations include audio-visuals, but these are not required. Oral presentations generally last 10 minutes with 5 minutes saved for questions from conference participants. Authors may have copies of their papers on hand for distribution to their audience.

At the conference, four presentations will be scheduled in each presentation room per hour. Out of respect for all presenters, authors are required to attend the full one-hour session for which their presentation is scheduled. Oral presenters must bring any supplemental audiovisual materials on a flash drive prior to the session so they can be loaded onto the computer.


A range of other methods of displaying artistic and creative projects is possible and we encourage artists to present their work. Works of art will be displayed in the poster sessions and students will stand with their work to answer questions from conference participants. Artists may have a description of their work duplicated on an 8.5 x 11 in. sheet of paper as a handout.


Music, dance, and theater performing arts presentations are also encouraged. Examples include music presentations such as compositions, performance, and research/analysis; theater presentations such as monologues or scenes, and dance presentations. Performances may last up to 10 minutes in length with five additional minutes allotted for questions. If needed, presenters must provide a CD or flash drive cued to the performance. Please include composer, screenwriter, and musical instrument of piece if applicable.

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