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Master of Arts (MA)



First Advisor

Jacob Selwood

Second Advisor

Nick Wilding


This thesis examines the struggle of the Old English to maintain their control in Ireland during an increasingly chaotic period. To understand this struggle for control this thesis examines the relationship between the English in England and the demographic groups in Ireland in the context of a rapidly changing society. Between the years of 1625 and 1660 the Old English lost control in Ireland and ceased to exist as a separate identity group. The English in England and the New English had a clear advantage in the fight for power and influence. In the end we see that the Old English, in their quest to maintain control and other themselves from the Gaelic Irish, created the language of their own demise. Once stereotypical language was created by the Old English elite it was utilized by the New English Protestants to justify the violence and reform movements of the 1650s.