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Master of Arts (MA)



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Joseph Perry

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John McMillian


This study places the Georgia State radio station within the historical context of Atlanta cultural production, career development, and as a voice of the GSU student. Race, gender, and economic factors sparked the necessary tension for the station to adjust alongside the ever-changing trends of popular music and the media industry. WRAS/Album 88 started broadcasting from campus at 88.5 on the FM dial in January 1971. Georgia State students played music that spoke to their generation, music that was at first rejected by commercial broadcasters, then appropriated for profit. The station soon became a player in the Atlanta radio market. Throughout its history, the competition between WRAS, commercial, and public broadcasters was a point of contention, as well as the push and pull of the audience. The campus station speaks to the larger picture of American college radio impact and experience as a unique yet under studied field. INDEX

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