Date of Award


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Master of Public Health (MPH)


Public Health

First Advisor

Dr. Michael P. Eriksen - Chair

Second Advisor

Dr. Solomon I. Okosun

Third Advisor

Nancy M. Paris


Improving cancer care through clinical research is a major public health issue. However, in Georgia, the exact number of cancer clinical trials is unknown, indicating the need for baseline data regarding cancer clinical trial locations and cancer burden. This study provides the first statewide analysis of cancer clinical trial locations using Geographic Information Systems (GIS). This study examines cancer clinical trial locations by county, according to incidence rates, racial patterns and mortality rates of the four major cancer types: breast, colorectal, lung, and prostate. Findings from this study suggest that metro-Atlanta counties have higher densities of cancer clinical trials. This study also found that there were little or no cancer clinical trials available in counties with the highest rates of overall incidence, African American incidence and overall mortality. This research demonstrates the need to increase availability of cancer clinical trials in counties with the highest cancer burden.

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Public Health Commons