Date of Award

Fall 12-20-2013

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Public Health (MPH)


Public Health

First Advisor

Rodney S. Lyn, Ph.D

Second Advisor

Bruce C. Perry , MD MPH


Designing the Primary Care Assessment Tool for Physician Performance Tracking in Indonesia;

A Program Planning

Primary care within the Indonesia health care system is key to maintain health of Indonesians. To ensure its function, it is very important to know how Indonesian primary care providers are meeting minimal standards of performance based on key health indicators. This can be measured by using the transcultural adapted tool known as Primary Care Assessment Tool (PCAT). The focus of this capstone is to design a program plan to establish a culturally-sensitive PCAT tool for use in Indonesia. The program plan will include an extensive literature review and comprehensive review of PCAT tool’s content, possible utility and ease of use so it will be more readily accepted and widely used by Indonesian primary care physicians.

Based on the study result, there are several conceptual differences in each subdimension found between the original concept and existing condition in Indonesia. These differences mostly focus on health care delivery system aspects consist of three question from dimension of first contact, one question from dimension of coordination and six question from dimension of comprehensiveness. It is proposed to exclude question regarding general check up from first contact question and two question regarding WIC and test for lead and HIV from dimension of comprehensiveness. Also, there are four questions from additional domain that should be adjusted to better fit an Indonesian context. To preserve its content validity, an expert panel must be constituted follow by pre-test/pilot testing. The length of time needed to deliver the questionnaire, difficulities to assemble expert panel and impact from changing or eliminating cultural contextual difference might influence the cross cultural process

Establishment of Indonesian PCAT through cross cultural adaptation is very likely to be successful, since Indonesia has adequate resources and support. Furthermore, increase national policy focus on gatekeeper function, create greater need for the transcultural tool.

Keyword: primary care, performance, PCAT, cross cultural adaptation, Askes, Indonesia