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Sport management scholars have called for examination of the literature in sport management to explore its state in relation to its representation of the field of study and the industry. The purpose of this study was to examine the Journal of Sport Management (JSM). Content analysis methodology was used. Findings reveal that the 52 issues examined in this study contain 233 peer reviewed empirical research articles authored by 435 authors. The field of study, as measured against sport management curriculum standards content areas, was found to have unequal coverage with a high level of content in Management and Organizational Skills, Sport Marketing, and Sport Business in the Social Context. Additionally, the sport business industry is inequitably represented with a majority of research involving intercollegiate athletics (40%).


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Pitts, B. G. & Pedersen, P. (2005). Examining the body of knowledge in sport management: A content analysis of the Journal of Sport Management. Sport Management and Related Topics Journal, 2 (1), 33-52.

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