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Disability sport is growing around the world with momentum and is described as a “movement” (Bailey, 2008; De- Pauw & Gavron, 2005). While there are more similarities than differences with sport management for able-bodied athletes and those with disabilities, there are additional needs and considerations for persons with disabilities (DePauw & Gavron, 2005). The noticeable visibility of individuals with disabilities in society, including sport, raises concerns about the degree to which sport management academic programs have modified their curricula to ensure that individuals working in the sport management field are prepared to deal with the uniqueness of disability sport. This paper (a) discusses theoretical perspectives toward understanding and thinking about disability, (b) explores ways to enhance sport management curricula through infusion of disability sport, (c) reflects upon current social practices for curriculum integration of athletes with disabilities in sport, and (d) acknowledges infusion of disability sport businesses, organizations and events.


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Shapiro, D., Pitts, B. G., Hums, M., & Calloway, J. (2012). Infusing disability sport into the sport management curriculum. Choregia: Sport Management International Journal, 8 (1), 101-118.

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