Date of Award


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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



First Advisor

Dr. James Boles - Chair

Second Advisor

Dr. Wesley Johnston

Third Advisor

Greg W. Marshall

Fourth Advisor

Edward Rigdon

Fifth Advisor

Dr. Danny Bellenger


This study is one of the first studies to fully address the relationship that business-to-business buyers have with both the selling firm and salesperson within an integrated model. Finding from this survey research support 14 of the 26 original hypotheses and the 2 additional linkages using structural equation modeling. This study finds that the relationship customers have with the selling firm is a stronger predictor of continuance than the relationship that the buyer has with the salesperson. While this relationship is stronger between the buyer and the selling firm, findings suggest that the salesperson can have a direct negative impact on the relationship if conflict is present. Overall, this study provides a framework for future research on the topic of business-to-business buyer-selling firm and buyer-salesperson relationships.

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Marketing Commons