Perfect Matchings, Tilings and Hamilton Cycles in Hypergraphs

Jie Han


This thesis contains problems in finding spanning subgraphs in graphs, such as, perfect matchings, tilings and Hamilton cycles. First, we consider the tiling problems in graphs, which are natural generalizations of the matching problems. We give new proofs of the multipartite Hajnal-Szemeredi Theorem for the tripartite and quadripartite cases.

Second, we consider Hamilton cycles in hypergraphs. In particular, we determine the minimum codegree thresholds for Hamilton l-cycles in large k-uniform hypergraphs for l less than k/2. We also determine the minimum vertex degree threshold for loose Hamilton cycle in large 3-uniform hypergraphs. These results generalize the well-known theorem of Dirac for graphs.

Third, we determine the minimum codegree threshold for near perfect matchings in large k-uniform hypergraphs, thereby confirming a conjecture of Rodl, Rucinski and Szemeredi. We also show that the decision problem on whether a k-uniform hypergraph with certain minimum codegree condition contains a perfect matching can be solved in polynomial time, which solves a problem of Karpinski, Rucinski and Szymanska completely.

At last, we determine the minimum vertex degree threshold for perfect tilings of C_4^3 in large 3-uniform hypergraphs, where C_4^3 is the unique 3-uniform hypergraph on four vertices with two edges.