Date of Award


Degree Type


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Master of Science (MS)


Mathematics and Statistics

First Advisor

Vladimir E. Bondarenko


Sodium ion (Na+) channels play an important role in excitable cells, as they are responsible for the initiation of action potentials. Understanding the electrical characteristics of sodium channels is essential in predicting their behavior under different physiological conditions. We investigated several Markov models for the human cardiac sodium channel (NaV1.5) to derive a minimal mathematical model that can describe the reported experimental data obtained using major voltage-clamp protocols. We obtained simulation results for current-voltage relationships, steady-state inactivation, the voltage dependence of normalized ion channel conductance; activation and deactivation, fast and slow inactivation and recovery from inactivation kinetics. Good agreement with the experimental data provides us with the mechanisms of the fast and slow inactivation of the human sodium channel and the coupling of its inactivation states to the closed and open states in the activation pathway.


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