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Master of Science (MS)


Mathematics and Statistics

First Advisor

Florian Enescu - Chair

Second Advisor

Mihaly Bakonyi

Third Advisor

Guantao Chen


This paper presents a survey of concepts in commutative algebra that have applications to topology and graph theory. The primary algebraic focus will be on Stanley-Reisner rings, classes of polynomial rings that can describe simplicial complexes. Stanley-Reisner rings are defined via square-free monomial ideals. The paper will present many aspects of the theory of these ideals and discuss how they relate to important constructions in commutative algebra, such as finite generation of ideals, graded rings and modules, localization and associated primes, primary decomposition of ideals and Hilbert series. In particular, the primary decomposition and Hilbert series for certain types of monomial ideals will be analyzed through explicit examples of simplicial complexes and graphs.


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Mathematics Commons