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An ongoing experiment in (un)learning the humanist subject in qualitative and post qualitative inquiry, this writing-reading-thinking explores the tensions that two doctoral students and an assistant professor grapple with through an undirected/directed reading course and beyond. The paper takes up and troubles conventional academic writing practices that aim to present knowledge as finished and neatly packaged for consumption, pushing against the stable academic subject. We intend for the reader to experiment and play in the manuscript and to think with multiple fragments together. We hold a persistent wondering about how to teach and learn to think differently—how to ‘‘untrain’’ researchers as St. Pierre (2016b) says.


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Myers, K. D., Cannon, S. O., & Bridges-Rhoads, S. C. (2017). Math is in the title: (Un)learning the subject in educational research. International Review of Qualitative Research, 10(3), 309–326.

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