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I am a bilingual writer and teacher in both Korean and English languages. Having traveled to other countries and having lived in the United States while learning English has challenged and (re)shaped my cultural, linguistic, and teaching identities. In this chapter, I describe how I come to terms with who I am in two different linguistic and cultural worlds. I would like to describe my personal experiences of becoming a bilingual writer, speaker, and teacher in Korean and English over three different phases of my life: before, during, and after doctoral studies. My reflections will be enriched by attention to literature pertinent to second language learning and identity research. At the end, I explore what it means to be a novice scholar/professor in a department in which I received my Ph.D. degree.


Originally published in:

Choi, J. (2014). A beginning professor’s linguistic and teaching identity. In G. Tinker Sachs & G. Verma (Eds.). Critical Mass in the Teacher Education Academy: Symbiosis and Diversity (pp. 87-97). Champaign, IL: Common Ground Publishing.

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