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In this essay, through reviewing three “equity” articles over the span of nearly 30 years, the author argues that researching race in mathematics education research has become a strategic discursive practice. But what about racism? What happens when racism is opened up –theoretically and methodologically– as an object of inquiry in mathematics teaching and learning? Doesn’t researching racism require an examination of the pervasiveness of White supremacy? That is to say, can we (ethically) examine racism without examining White supremacy? After all, aren’t racism and White supremacy two sides of the same coin?


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Stinson, D.W. (2017). Researching race without researching White supremacy in mathematics education research: A strategic discursive practice. In A. Chronaki (Ed.), Proceedings of the 9th International Mathematics Education and Society Conference (MES9, Vol. 2, 901–912). Volos, Greece: MES9. Retrieved from

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