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Blogging appears to be a promising instructional strategy which may provide solutions to some of the challenges in traditional writing instruction; however, few studies explore elementary students’ views on blogging. This qualitative case study gives elementary students voice as it examines their perceptions of blogging and their views of themselves as writers, readers, and learners. The researchers drew from multiple data sources, including student and teacher interviews, student and teacher blog writing, and classroom observations, to ascertain young writers’ perspectives. The findings indicate these student bloggers’ reader awareness and appreciation of the reader-writer relationship. Student bloggers also benefited from emotional and pedagogical assistance, both of which addressed their needs as writers, readers, and learners. While students enjoyed positive comments from readers, they struggled with critical feedback. Ways to offer encouragement and to prepare young writers for critical comments as they learn to write are provided.


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McGrail, E., & Davis, A. (2014).Voices from the classroom: Elementary students’ perceptions of Blogging. Georgia Educational Researcher, 11(1), 1-53.