Date of Award

Summer 7-22-2022

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Molly Paulson

Second Advisor

Chelsea Walker


A disruptive relationship with food is one that endorses disordered eating patterns (DEP), including dieting, restrictive eating, purging, binging and other compensatory behaviors. In most cases, DEP modulators stem from psychological distress, such as body dissatisfaction, weight stigma, anxiety, high stress, and much more. The consequence is often a dissociation from body sensations that lead to poor mental and physical health. Thus, the purpose of this project is to first evaluate the current literature to identify mindfulness-based nutrition interventions for college students previously done. Second, it aims to create an 8-week program to assist participants to identify triggers for DEP and help them reconnect to their body sensations, especially hunger and satiety cues. The hope is that this knowledge may assist individuals to set up more realistic and empowering goals to make sustainable lifestyle changes that align with their health goals. It also aims to strengthen participants’ relationship with food, improve confidence in food choices and increase self-esteem and body acceptance. A non-systematic review of the scientific literature was conducted by the student investigator using PubMed and other research databases to identify articles that evaluate the relationship between mindfulness and self-esteem, body acceptance, relationship with food, hunger and satiety cues, trauma, brain-gut connection, and confidence in food choices. Based on the findings, the student established the need for this intervention and discussed with the principal investigator the development of the program. Then, the student created an 8-week program with diverse resources for college students with disordered eating patterns or poor food and body relationships. The program is hypothetical and was not implemented.


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