Date of Award

Fall 2009

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Physics and Astronomy

First Advisor

Gennady Cymbalyuk - Chair

Second Advisor

Vadym Apalkov

Third Advisor

Mukesh Dhamala

Fourth Advisor

Andrey Shilnikov


Neuroprosthetics is at the intersection of neuroscience, biomedical engineering, and physics. A biocompatible neuroprosthesis contains artificial neurons exhibiting biophysically plausible dynamics. Hybrid systems analysis could be used to prototype such artificial neurons. Biohybrid systems are composed of artificial and living neurons coupled via real-time computing and dynamic clamp. Model neurons must be thoroughly tested before coupled with a living cell. We use bifurcation theory to identify hazardous regimes of activity that may compromise biocompatibility and to identify control strategies for regimes of activity desirable for functional behavior. We construct real-time artificial neurons for the analysis of hybrid systems and demonstrate a mechanism through which an artificial neuron could maintain duty cycle independent of variations in period.