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Closed Thesis

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Master of Arts (MA)



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Lisa Armistead

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Gabriel Kuperminc

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Elizabeth Tighe


This study investigated the influence of discrepancies in perceptions of family functioning (parent-child relationship quality, parent-child communication, and family cohesion) on child depressive and anxious symptoms in a diverse sample of families (n mother-child dyads = 175) affected by maternal HIV unbeknownst to the child (M age = 9.61, SD = 2.44). This study found that Latinx children reported worse parent-child communication relative to their mothers than do non- Latinx children. Also, Black children reported better communication relative to their mothers than White children. Using polynomial regression and response surface analyses, this study found that child internalizing symptoms are lower as reported by the child; (1) and marginally by the mother when mother and child congruently report better family cohesion (2) when the mother and child congruently report on communication at either extremely high or low levels, and (3) when the child reports better relationship quality than the mother.


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