Date of Award

Summer 8-25-2011

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)



First Advisor

Sarah Cook

Second Advisor

Dominic Parrott

Third Advisor

John Peterson


The present study explores several predictors of antigay aggression: right-wing authoritarianism, sexual prejudice, and the three dimensions of male role norms, status, toughness and anti-femininity. Status-oriented and anti-feminine men engage in authoritarian thinking (Wilkinson, 2004), and use prejudice and aggression to express group norms (Herek, 1986). Results showed a significant indirect effect of status (B=.09, SE=.04, p=.02) and anti-femininity (B=.08, SE=.04, p=.04) on aggression via authoritarianism. An exploratory model with authoritarianism moderating the effect of prejudice on aggression showed that prejudice significantly influences aggression for low levels of right-wing authoritarianism. These findings indicate that authoritarians will aggress regardless of their sexual prejudice. This is consistent with the characterization of authoritarians as “equal opportunity bigots” (Altemeyer, 2006, p. 24)" that will aggress toward any out-group.


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