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Master of Arts (MA)



First Advisor

Gabriel Kuperminc - Chair

Second Advisor

Christopher Henrich

Third Advisor

Julia Perilla


Elliot and McGregor’s (2001) 2x2 model of achievement motivation (mastery-approach, mastery-avoidance, performance-approach and performance-avoidance) was used among 143 Latino adolescents to examine how achievement motivation relates to demographic factors (immigration age, gender, grade), perception of academic climate, and academic outcomes and how these associations change over time. Girls reported higher levels of mastery-avoidance achievement motivation and 8th graders reported a greater increase in mastery-approach achievement motivation over time. Perception of a task-focused academic climate moderated the association between mastery-approach achievement motivation and teacher-rated academic outcomes. The findings suggest 1) that Latino adolescents’ gender and grade level relate significantly to their achievement motivation 2) that perception of a task-performance focused academic climate plays an important role in their academic achievement.