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Due to changing demographics, all social workers will have experience working with older clients and their families within professional roles. Unfortunately, social work education continues to lag in preparing students to be effective in practice with aging clients. Several strategies are presented with the goal of increasing student interest in the field of aging. At the program level, initiatives include using experiential learning, infusing aging content into required courses, and enhancing faculty capacity in aging. In addition, social work programs can build collaborations within the university setting and practice community. Overall, the goal is to present aging as an exciting and rewarding field of practice, and ensure that all students have the knowledge and skills to be effective in practice with older clients.


Co-published simultaneously in Journal of Gerontological Social Work, vol. 39 no. 1/2 (2002), pp. 57-67; and: Advancing Gerontological Social Work Education, (2002), pp. 57-67.

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