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Given that lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB) older adults face notable health disparities compared to their heterosexual counterparts, there is a need for understanding how LGB adults cope with health challenges in late life. The current study analyzes narratives from nine LGB adults age 65 and older living in an urban area in the Southeast U.S. Participants spoke of coping strategies related to health promotion behaviors, shifting perspectives of health and body, trusting in spirituality for comfort, and accepting the end of life. We discuss implications for social services professionals who work with older LGB adults and for future research.


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Seelman, K. L., Lewinson, T., Engleman, L., Maley, O. R., & Allen, A. (2017). Coping strategies used by LGB older adults in facing and anticipating health challenges: A narrative analysis. [Advance online publication] Journal of Gay & Lesbian Social Services. doi:

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